Friday, August 3, 2012

FAN ART FRIDAY: The Art Of Wobblyone

Earlier this week we told you about the new title for the all new sequel to X-Men: First Class. And, the fact is, X-Men: Days Of Futures Past is a reference to a much loved X-Men comic book story from the early 1980's. When we put up that post we added an image that happens to be an amazing homage to the classic comic book cover from Uncanny X-Men #141. This terrific photo manipulation transforms the original cover into an awesome fan made poster for the upcoming film. 

The image was created by DeviantArt member Wobblyone, who happens to have a small, but completely awesome collection of art on his..or her page. We would love to share more information about the artist, unfortunately there isn't much on his...or her main page. Regardless, his...or her art is really awesome and is well worth your time to click over to DeviantArt and check it out. 

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