Monday, December 19, 2011

OneRepublic Recreates 'Good Life' Video At Walt Disney World

Pop-Rockers OneRepublic first released their video for 'Good Life' at the beginning of this year. In an interesting coincidence, their video utilized the same 'moving photograph' effect that Disney Parks has used in their 'Let The Memories Begin' television commercials. Now, the good folks at Disney decided to help OneRepublic put some real MAGIC in their video and they've re-created the 'good life' video with many of the same elements from the original video, but with a look and a feel that is all Disney.

Tune into ABC-TV on December 25 to watch OneRepublic and other artists perform in the 28th Annual “Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade.” We posted a list of scheduled times to see the parade and you can follow along on Twitter during the parade with the hashtag #DisneyHolidays.


trex44 said...

plz repost video as something other than utube cuz i can't catch utube.

trex44 said...
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